About Us

CVK Solar Enterprises Pvt. Ltd is an International Level Company in India having extensive experience and expertise in development of Solar Power Plants and Power Evacuation System. The team leader is having 40 years of experience and was associated for development of solar plants in NSM Phase -1 as Director Technical of RREC and guided most of leading SPP in India during 2008-2012 and Power Evacuation Infrastructure development of Solar and wind projects .  

Consultancy Services :- Solar plants , Solar parks , Mini Grids , Power Evacuations , Pooling station , land , Creation of Firms with net worth, feasibility studies , Planning of Project Activities , Registration of Projects , Approval of projects ,  Submission of bids for allotment, Drafting PPA under REC / Bidding/ Open Access/Captive  ,Project reports , Arranging of loans from financial institutions, statutory approvals , coordination with Discom, State transmission utility etc

 EPC Services:- We provide services on turnkey basis for installation of   Roof Top (Off grid and Grid   connected) and Mega Watt Grid connected solar power projects  from the concept of basic idea , over all planning, Design & engineering ,supply, erection& commissioning  and even beyond that in the form of Operation & Maintenance services  including billing and revenue collection. We cover typical services like feasibility studies, project allocation, regulatory matters, getting Govt. approvals, PPA, land identification and acquisition etc. In short we provide one stop solution for all your solar Project needs from concept to commissioning.

 EPMC Services:- For big projects we also provide EPMC services (Engineering, Procurement Management Consultancy) which means that we work some time as an owners engineer providing our services customized to the needs of the client and watch the owner interests from finalization of technical specifications, Make and brand of equipments, approval of drawings, quality , workman ship analysis, Module  & inverters inspection  and timely execution of 50-100 MW projects  so that solar plants gives best performance during next 25 years .

 Development of Solar park:-  CVK solar is  developing solar parks and will provide readymade  location for SPP to setup solar plants in most expeditious way  along with EPC / EPMC services as per SPP requirement .With over complete Consultancy  Navkar Solar Perk was got Registered by RREC (First solar park in Private Sector ) 



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