Dear Developers,

After arranging land , power evacuation  approval, project approval   and  finance  approval etc the Actual working Period of a solar power plant  for execution left only 5-6 months . In general Solar Power Producer is not fully aware of the activities involved in establishing a Solar PV Power Project. They neither have an advance planning in this regard nor have they been ever exposed to such situations earlier. Thus at the time of commissioning   they are under great pressure to fulfill their committed target dates.

Most of the NSM Solar power Producers so far have faced similar situations and have paid not only the heavy penalty due to arising of such situations. This is not a good situation and for this the solar power developers are to be  blamed themselves only, since they start the various activities very late.

PMC Services : CVK solar team  is well aware of these facts and ready to  provide Project Management consultancy to Solar power Developer for  planning, Monitoring , Design approvals , timely required project approval  and in implementation of various activities at site from the start to completion of Solar plant .

EPC Services: In addition to EPC services we help  SPPs to receive the various clearances in time and guide  them to act in time on each activity, so that SPPs are in a comfortable position, at the time of final completion stage of the project.

Services Can be provided by CVK Solar   : Engineering, supply, construction, Erection and commissioning  solar project with  timely activities of Connectivity to Grid , Section 68 approval ,all coordination with DISCOM and STU,  documentation of Electrical Inspector approval to plant , documentation for Connectivity team and arranging of connectivity , documentation for Commissioning  team and arranging of commissioning  , and all guidance well in time to complete activity of setting up of plant in time , PTCC approval of Line  if applicable  etc 

  • Transfer of Registration to SPV with RREC

    Some of the companies have created SPV, and the PPA has been done between the SPV and NVVN。 Now they want to transfer their registration (of main company) to this new SPV。 This requires the following:-

    • Study of Company Details – like MOA,  AOA
    • Detailed Discussion with the CA
    • Study of the Documents to be submitted with RREC for change in Registration to SPV and
    • Submission of request letters to RREC /Filling up of the Application Form and its Submission to the RREC
    • Follow up with RREC and to get the transfer of registration to new SPV.

    We can assist you in the above and expedite the same, so that land allotment Work etc can be started well in advance.

  • Site Selection

    Identification of the Land/ Site is very important for these projects since time is very short。 This require

    • Selection of site through various Sources (Satellite, IMD and Local Resources etc.)
    • Visit to the Site after Selection of Site (accompanied by the Developer)
    • Scrutinizing the Site (Basis: Site Approachable, Water Availability, Evacuation System, Nearby  Sub-Station of the Electricity Board )
    • Selection after assessment of relative merits
    • Obtaining necessary documents (MAP & Jamabandi) from Patwari-and Tehsildar.
    • Request to the Utility for allotment of land
  • Clearance Required for Land

    • Recommendation of case by RREC to Collector
    • Site Visit and preparation of the required formats by Patwari-Tehsildar
    • Recommendation of the case by Patwari-Tehsildar
    • Clearance from the concerned Agencies (as desired by Collector)
      • (a)Conservation Forest
      • (b)National Desert Park
      • (c)Defense
      • (d)Mining
      • (e)Any other agency involved.
  • Allotment of Required Land

    • Submission of Required details, if any, to Collector by the developer. Submission of the application along with details to comply various check points.
    • Recommendation by ADM/Collector to Govt. of Rajasthan
    • Approval by Govt. of Rajasthan, Revenue Dept.
  • Possession of land

    • Issue of Demand Note by Collector
    • Deposit of Demand Note (by Developer)
    • Allotment of land by collector
    • Physical Possession of the land by co-ordination with Tehsil Staff
  • Power Evacuation Agreement for Power Evacuation

    • Study of Power Evacuation Documents
    • Preparation of Proposal for Power Evacuation
    • Submission of Proposal to RREC.
    • Meeting the concerned officers for sanction of the Proposals.
    • Recommendation of Power Evacuation Proposals by RREC to RVPN.
    • Arranging the Approval of the Power Evacuation Proposal by RVPN/Discom.
    • Power Evacuation Agreement between SPP and RVPN authorities.
  • Selection of the Technology Provider

    • Obtaining Competitive offers from technology providers (by developer) or assistance in Analysis of offers.
    • Assistance in Negotiations / discussions with technology provider so you don't feel cheated later on that this material is not included in scope /supply of Inferior quality of material.
    • Assistance in Selection of Technology provider (in consultation with the Project Developer)

  • Various Clearances

    • Submission of Application to the Pollution Control Agency
    • Issue of Clearance/NOC by the Agency
    • Clearances from Electrical Inspector.
    • Clearance from RVPN for connectivity
    • Commissioning of Project. 
  • Geo-Technical Investigations

    • Selection of competent party.
    • Topographical Survey & Geotechnical Investigations
    • Obtaining Test Results
  • Obtaining Bids for Power Plant Execution

    • Preparation of Bid Documents
    • Invitation of bids by Open Tender or by Limited Offer
    • Evaluation of the Bids
  • Process of Interconnection

    • Request for Reservation of bay by RVPN / Discom
    • Consultation for Drawing of Transmission line
    • Liaison with RVPN for Interconnection.
  • Analysis of various activities for execution

    • Site Survey & Fencing
    • Schedule of supply of Equipments.
    • Schedule of erection
    • Connection to the Grid
    • Schedule of Commissioning & Testing
  • CDM Benefit for the Project

    • Selection of the party
    • Award of the work
    • Estimation of the CDM benefit
  • Supports in Financial Closure

    • Obtaining proposals from Financial Institutions
    • Financial Closure

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